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Don’t Miss Out, See the World on Wheels!

Motorhome Holidays Abroad


It is no surprise when the weather outside is worse in May than it was in March that people start to look for ideas to brighten up their day. One notion that is growing in popularity is the idea of a motorhome holiday – abroad!

A hotter climate? Slower pace to the day? All sounds fantastic and the freedom you gain from deciding where you want to go and when! No maids bothering you at silly-o-clock when you want a lay in, no buffet deciding when you will have your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Brilliant!

It’s hard to think of any real reasons not to go on a motorhome holiday really. The most deliberating decision you will probably have to make is deciding where to travel to!

Top of the list for many people is the steep dream of travelling around Australia or New Zealand and here at it’s Motorhome Insurance we decided to investigate what Aussie life is like on the road.

We stumbled across a blog post written by Louise Rogers Lalaurie about her motorhome holiday across Southern Australia on which she took her children along for the ride as well; some say brave, others say barmy!

Louise and her brood descended on a nine-week motorhome trek across southern Australia where the outback experience was high on their agenda. Stopping off mid-way through their travels in a town called Broken Hill there were plenty of things to see and do including National Parks, tranquil rock holes – all with an abundance of wildlife.

Louise remembers her journey with happy, fun memories and explains that they had full tanks of petrol and water, and ample stocks of food and Kleenex Huggies to help make like on the Australian road slightly more comfortable. The only spanner in the works for Louise and her family were the not-so fluffy creatures that often paid a visit! Australian spiders came in all sorts of shapes and sizes and ranged from the ones that gave you and ‘ouch!’ to the unfriendly venomous spiders. Don’t even mention the snakes.

One things for sure though, this trip didn’t deter Louise and her family and they have since travelled across various destinations worldwide in a motorhome, exploring many a landmark on their travels.


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