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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I compare quotes?

Our service personally matches you with 3 to 5 of our approved motorhome insurance providers. Although our quotes are instant, it will take around 10 minutes for our trusted providers to find you the best possible cover. Shortly after they will then contact you with details of your policy, allowing you to make any amendments as well as the opportunity to ask any questions. We believe that the chance to speak to a representative minimises the risk of mistake within your policy and allows you to find the best policy at the most competitive price.

Why do I need specialist campervan cover?

Like car or van insurance, campervan insurance is a legal requirement but the cover provided is considerably different due to the way you use your campervan. Not only do you use your campervan as a vehicle it also contains a significant amount of equipment and personal belongings. So it makes sense to insure your investment with our trusted insurers.

Can I drive my campervan abroad?

All our providers offer a wide range of campervan cover and are specialists in this type of insurance. It is always wise to check with each and every provider what driving abroad cover they offer, this could be described as European cover, EU cover or driving abroad cover. Each provider can supply you with a full list of the countries and territories covered. If you do not require cover abroad it may be possible to remove this from your policy to reduce the premium. Please check with each insurance partner what cover is available.

Can you insure me if my campervan is stolen?

Like car insurance there are three types of campervan insurance:

Comprehensive – The highest level of insurance, comprehensive offers Third Party, Fire and Theft but as well as damage or loss of your own campervan. With comprehensive insurance our providers cover against death or injury to yourself or spouse.

Third Party, Fire and Theft – As well as Third party cover, you will also be covered in the event of your campervan being stolen or damaged by a fire.

Third Party – Third Party is the minimum legal requirement for all types of motor vehicles on the UK roads. It covers a situation where by, even if you were only partially to blame for an accident the insurer will pay for damaged to the other person’s vehicle, car or property as well as any injury. Third Party insurance however, provides no protection for any damage to yourself or your vehicle.

In order to ensure that your campervan is covered against theft, please ensure you are covered by the correct policy.

Will becoming a member of a campervan club help lower my insurance?

Often becoming a member of a campervan club can reduce your premium by up to 15%. Insurers recognise that if you are a member of a club it shows that you’re passionate about your vehicle and therefore are likely to reward you with discounted cover.

Should I get several quotes for the same policy?

It helps to find several quotes for the same policy, that way you are able to compare prices, cover and added extras. It’s campervan insurance provides several quotes for the same policy by passing your details onto our specialist insurance partners, so you don’t have to. Having several quotes can enable you to understand your policy as well as make a decision to suit your needs.

Will my personal property be protected?

All good insurance providers will give you the option to protect your personal possessions, with various degrees of cover. We understand that you may be travelling with prized possessions. Therefore, our insurance specialist will allow you to choose from a variety of personal possession cover.

Will my insurance be cheaper if I install a security system?

Our trusted insurance partners offer a wide range of discounts depending on the type of security fitted in your motorhome. For campervan insurance there are generally three types of approved security devices. Thatcham category 2 or a manufacturer fitted immobiliser which usually carries around a 15% discount. Thatcham 1 security or van Bitz which usually carries a 20% discount or a massive 25% discount for a Caravan Guard approved tracking device.

Do you offer a new for old scheme?

Many of our insurance providers offer new for old cover. New for old cover is pretty self explanatory, it means in the event of an accident or theft where your campervan is beyond repair it will be replaced with the most recent model (or equivalent). Usually depending on the policy there are different price brackets and your campervan will have to be of a certain age to qualify.

Can I use my NCD from other vehicles for my campervan insurance?

If you have built up a substantial no claims discount on your car insurance then most of our approved insurance providers will be able to match this with your campervan policy. You don’t need to have your car insured with them to do this

Can other family members drive my campervan?

Any family member can be added as a named driver to your campervan policy as long as they hold the suitable UK driving license. Some of our insurers however, may have a minimum age restriction.

When adding named drivers consider their age and experience as most insurers base their premiums on the youngest or least experienced driver listed on the policy. So if they very rarely drive the campervan then consider whether they need to be on the policy or if someone else could be driving instead. Once we have selected an insurer suitable to your quote they will then be able to highlight these points.

If I don’t drive my campervan often can I get a discount?

At it’s campervan insurance we understand that many campervans tend to be stored away for a large portion of the year, they can also be relatively low mileage vehicles. When selecting a suitable insurer for your policy this is one of the main aspects we take into consideration as many offer a low mileage bonus, this will be reflected in the level of cover and the premium.

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