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It’s A ‘Crampervan’

The world’s smallest campervan (aka the crampervan!) has recently made news after being designed and built by a custom car mechanic Andy Saunders. This 4ft by 4ft living space may sound cramped but this mini mobile home manages to compress a stove, a table and sink, seating for up to four as well as a bed.

Known as the ‘cramper-van’ this incredibly compact creation, is a merge of both a Bultins- style pedal cart and a Bedford Bambi van, making it slightly less comfortable yet just as desirable as its rivals.

crampervan kitchenThis mini campervan comes with all the mod-cons of any modern motor home, from kitchen facilities to room for a bed, however, if you are used to the size and space of a usual camper then the small space may be hard to overcome. With its clever use of space, it means four people can sit comfortably in the motorhome. The roof space extends out by a much needed 2ft 6 ins, which allows enough room for a small bed.

crampervan tableThis unique and innovative design is officially classified as a bicycle so there is no need for it to be registered with the DVLA to be able to go out on the open roads; the only requirement is it must be fitted with lights, if it will be used after dark. Instead of the usual high powered motor home, this micro motor home is pedal powered and requires significant man power to get it moving.

crampervan 2This little jem of a vehicle cost only £1,000 in materials to make and took around 2 weeks from start to finish. Andy began by chopping 6ft off the front of a Bedford campervan and attaching it to the base of a pedal cart before decking out the interior with all the relevant mod-cons.

crampervan seating area Andy, owner of Kampers and Kars in Poole, Dorset and creator of the ‘crampervan’ said: ‘We think our mini camper is the smallest camper in the world. I certainly don’t know of anything else smaller.

‘The Bedford Bambi was the smallest camper van ever made, and we’ve shaved about 6ft off that. If there was anything smaller I’d be very surprised.

andy and his crampervan Andy, the 50 year old mechanic, has built a reputation of creating weird and wonderful custom made cars including a mini Mini, a Picasso-inspired mulit coloured Citroen 2CV and a 21 inch tall car, so creating the world’s smallest motor home was an easy challenge!

mv-crampervan 86N


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