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Mini Unveils Their New Weekend Mini Camper

Mini Campers

Mini has perfectly timed the unveiling of their new range of Mini Campers, with the sun shining and the summer holidays about to begin, people may start to think about a ‘mini’ adventure’.

These three Mini-car-based camper vans will reflect a different aspect of camping and promote a festival lifestyle. Mini has created different way in which its customers can enjoy camping in a much more pleasant manor that will appeal to any enthusiastic traveller


mini clubvanThe new Mini Clubvan will be known as the world’s smallest luxury camper, the car/van will be filled with plenty of convenient solutions that make camping and travelling much more accommodating. With its compact and sleek design Mini has set the modern precedent for camping vehicles, we believe the cars will make a remarkable impression on the industry.

mini clubvan 2


 mini countrymanThe Mini Cowley is a compact yet larger style camper big enough for two people. It comes equipped with twin-ring gas stove as well as a fridge and sink. The Cowley clearly represents a campervan and is a comfy and modern portrayal of a classic style motorhome. With more facilities than the Clubvan, this is set to fly off the forecourt when they finally get released.

mini teardrop Clubman


mini countryman The Countryman ALL4 is the Mini that appears the most basic model, with its pop up roof that resembles a tent, however, this car provides a getaway for couples who need a basic pop up bed and some home comforts. Although the most basic of the campers, the Countryman still provides the same high quality excellence that is present in all Mini models.

mini countryman 2All three models provide the same fun-loving sophisticated personality that is present in all Mini models. Mini have created a global brand out of the much loved and highly sort after vehicle. As well as their outstanding designs the new models of Mini’s offer ‘maximum touring pleasure with a minimal carbon footprint’. Mini has been very creative with the design meaning the cars are not much bigger than the standard Mini and have utilised the space to ensure a comfy and worthwhile adventure.

Unfortunately although these complex designs are winning the vote for consumers you can’t rush out and buy one just yet. All three cars are currently just ‘concept vehicles’ and will not be going into production anytime soon; the designs simply showcase the strength of the Mini design power.

When the ‘motor home’ goes into production be sure to keep your eyes peeled for news and updates. As the campervan will fundamentally be a car but with all the aspects of a campervan, we are unsure what insurance band it will fall into.


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