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Take a look at how to stay online whilst on the road

Although some may relish in the luxury of being disconnected and technology free whilst on their travels, it has also become quite apparent that the need for internet and connectivity is growing in popularity.

The opportunity to check the weather forecast, to read the latest travel information and to perhaps catch up on up-to-date news is all too much of tease to stop some motorhomers from completely cutting off.  it’s Motorhome Insurance takes a look at the most popular ways to stay online.

Many people explore the options of using USB ‘dongles’. Many mobile providers offer USB devices that act as dedicated interfaces to the internet using the mobile network and can be very handy to have.  However, unfortunately it appears that the higher the speed of internet, the higher the price you will pay. Various contracts are available and some dongles are even free when taken out with a phone so this may be something to bear in mind when renewing your phone contract.

Others travel with just mobile phones but with the latest technology some phones act as a stand-alone modem hotspot. Particular phones offer the capability of a Wi-Fi connection using its own internet connection (if separate from Wi-Fi). This is a fantastic option and almost always gives the same speed that you would expect from the phone itself. Be aware of battery life though, this connection can significantly drain the phones power!

Another option is to purchase a purpose built motorhome and caravan Wi-Fi searcher. Gadgets like the iBoost are gaining in popularity and, even when travelling in Europe, can easily be used alongside the very handy Europasim card.

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