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Want Big? They Have Bigger!

Dunkel Industries have taken the base Ford F650 platform, extended it and added some of their own personal touches to create this American RV. The new “Upper Deck” also doubles up as a “luxury 4x4” but not something you would relate to a Range Rover or Mercedes-Benz G55, this is a much bigger 4×4, nothing that would be suited for use anywhere but in the United States. This is due to the vehicle being 9.75m long, 2.62m wide and 3.5m tall this truly is a monster. It’s powered by a 7.2L engine producing 300bhp and 800 lb/ft of torque which has then been planted with a 6 speed automatic gearbox – remarkable. The whole vehicle is riding on air suspension and the cab is also on a separate air suspension setup.

Dunkel_2Other features have changed from the specification that would have been sent on a standard F650, such as, an added air-scoop to cool the large engine quicker, new headlights, steel bumper which also includes a winch and 8 spotlights. In addition to this, the exterior has been finished off with aluminium alloys and also has 6 storage units either side of the vehicle with a further 4 sliding drawers located beneath the flatbed area of the motor-home.

Dunkel_3The interior is generously decorated with birch wood cabinets and cedar lined closets, the interior has also been upholstered in leather. The way the space has been set out makes the “Upper Deck” not seem crowded, they have actually worked the space beautifully allowing for 2 queen sized beds (one located at the rear of the vehicle and one located at the top of the cabin in the loft space) and also a fold down dining area which doubles up as another bed.

Dunkel_4The kitchen area has a collapsible sink, an electric stove, microwave, 2 fridges, and a small pantry area. The rear “lounge” area has a 17” TV includes a DVD player and also a radio. The MPV also comes with a compact shower and bathroom facilities and also includes an outside shower. The onboard water tank can hold up to 75 gallons but this water is used for the showers, sink, toilet and drinking water so having too many people on board may mean that water storage needs to be increased.

Dunkel_5One thing for sure, the “Upper Deck” from Dunkel Industries is definitely a motor-home of madness. It’s just a shame they will never be spotted on the shores of the UK due to their size and huge engines.

Exterior Images:

Interior Images:


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