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What Is Motorhome Insurance and What Is It For?

Even motorhomes need insurance. To be honest, motorhomes or trailer homes at a trailer park need insurance more than your typical home does because of their susceptibility to damage and accidents. These are, after all, vehicles that will likelier face vehicular accidents than your average non-motorized home will. Purchasing a motorhome is also a bigger investment than purchasing a car for the simple fact that it can double as a house on wheels. Even if it’s just a recreational vehicle you use for vacations, it’s still an asset you’d want to protect. Ironically, comprehensive cover costs much less for motorhome insurance than car insurance for a vehicle of equal value.

There’s No Excuse to Not Get Your Own Motorhome Insurance

In light of the fact that coverage costs are less than that of a standard car, there’s no excuse for motorhome owners to buy their own insurance. Motorhomes need all the protection they could get. They’re typically less nimble and maneuverable than the average car as well, but that doesn’t stop insurers from viewing motorhomes as safer than the average car. This belief probably stems from the fact that even though motorhomes are vehicles by definition, motorhome owners are less likely to drive their vehicle around than they would a car. Some of them live in those vehicles, after all.

Why Motorhome Insurance is Cheaper than Car Insurance

Here are the reasons why motorhome insurance is much cheaper than car insurance:

1. Motorhomes Tend to Stay Put: They’re homes as well as automobiles, so even though they are used for travel from time to time, a motorhome will spend the majority of its time parked safe and sound.

2. Motorhomes Are Statistically Safer: Statistically speaking, motorhomes are safer and vehicular accidents are far more common than those involving motorhomes. More importantly, insurance companies know that motorhomes are a safer investment than car insurance, thus coverage costs tend to be lower. Cars are still more accident prone than motorhomes as well because there are more car owners than motorhome owners.

3. Inexperienced Drivers Don’t Buy Motorhomes: Most vehicular accidents root from driver inexperience. Inexperienced drivers are likelier to drive with a car than with a motorhome, van, truck, or SUV because those larger vehicles require more skill to drive than your average economy car. They also need an additional C-Class license in order to legally drive such vehicles on the road.

4. Experienced Drivers Buy Motorhomes: Drivers who have C-Class licenses and are more experienced at handling bulkier vehicles will most likely own motorhomes. Because of their experience, they’re less likely to cause accidents. Some of these motorhome owners have been driving for years, even decades, so an accident from them is unlikely.

5. Most Owners Are More Careful When Driving a Motorhome: Because of their size and the level of skill needed to drive them, most owners of motorhomes will never place their vehicle in dangerous situations that could lead to an accident. Just as truck owners are careful not to drive too fast in light of what they’re driving, so too will motorhome owners. 

All the same, even in light of the seeming safeness of motorhomes when compared to cars, it’s still an asset you need to protect with insurance because you really never know what will happen. Statistics aside, it’s always better to have insurance for you unwieldy motorhome in case of accidents. It’s better to err on the side of caution, after all.

What is Motorhome Insurance For?

It’s for motorhome owners and to cover damage, accidents and unforeseen circumstances, keeping you safe in your motorhome or caravan.


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